Smartphone Apps that Make Living with Diabetes Easier

This is the age of technology, and everything is easier—even managing your diabetes! Check out some of these great Smartphone apps to help you.

The Diabetes Buddy
This app by Krodzone Technologies allows you to enter and keep track of your food and water intake, blood sugar readings and exercise time. It includes a carb counter for recipes.

Glucose Buddy
SkyHealth created this app so that a diabetic can monitor and synchronize all their glucose, medications, A1C data and their carbohydrate count. You can use it to set reminders for medication and appointments. For a small monthly fee, you can also get additional conveniences like blood pressure and weight logs.

If you're looking to get into the swing of diabetes management, this Coheso app has a food database to help you manage your meals. It includes lengthy lists of store-bought and restaurant meals, providing you with nutritional content. You can create and share your own food journal, and it helps you keep track of exercises and activity. It's also got a handy insulin calculator.

Remember, no app takes the place of your health care provider and common sense—but they can be quite handy for people on the go who love using technology to keep on track.

Photo: My SugR