Can a Drug Replace Exercise (or Trick Your Body Into Thinking It's Exercising)?

In recent diabetes research, scientists in England found a drug that might be an alternative to exercise. It mimics the effects of exercise in your body.

ZMP and Compound 14

Your body has a molecule known as ZMP, which creates similar effects in the body as a good work-out. A new drug helps promote the build-up of ZMP in the blood.

The Drug, known as 'compound 14,' was tested on mice. Those taking the drug lost 5 percent of their body weight, and their blood sugar levels improved.

Too Good to Be True?

They say when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Workout haters shouldn't rejoice just yet-- there's still a long way to go before drugs with compound 14 are understood and approved.

It’s also unlikely that medication will ever be able to completely replace a good sweat session.

However, in the future, it might be a good option for those with limited mobility or health issues that limit physical activity. For now, don't skip your gym membership.

Photo: Everyday Feminism